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Teardrop Banners - Helping Your Business Stand Out !

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hello-teardrop Hi again, and welcome back to our blog.  Its a true fact that no matter what business you are in, success lies in the numbers! The profits come from the number of sales, and the number of sales comes from the number of people you successfully draw into your business!
While having an online presence for your business becomes increasingly important year after year, it can be difficult for smaller businesses to stand out in the crowd, especially if they have an advertising budget that is miniscule compared to the “industry leaders”!
When you are setting up your storefront, whether you are establishing a brick and mortar store or are in real estate and selling a property, your best asset will always be your location.
However, too many business owners assume that simply positioning themselves in a high traffic area is enough, and that the location alone will get them the exposure they are looking for, and that’s simply not the case.
Even something as simple as your store’s proximity to the road can affect how many people are actually seeing your business. Too close, or too far from the road, and the people in any other lane but the one closest to your store cannot see you over the other cars, and won’t even know you exist!

mge-electrical If you can successfully overcome the everyday advertising noise that most people are trained to ignore, and find a creative way to get their attention, you’ll be head and shoulders above your competition!
That’s why Promotional Teardrop Flags are an effective way to get your potential customers attention, and let them know that you’re open for business.
Teardrop Flags, also known as Teardrop Banners, are extremely effective in standing out to passers-by, since they flutter in the wind, and the movement alone is enough to catch your eye.
Choosing brightly coloured promotional Teardrop Banners, really makes a statement to your audience and is a great way of avoiding blending in with other boring, less appealing signage from surrounding businesses.
By using multiple Teardrop Flags, you can not only reach a larger number of potential customers, but you can grab their attention from farther away, giving them time to decide on the spot that they’d like to stop and shop there, before they’ve driven past!

prd-teardrop Advertising Teardrop Flags are also an ideal option where permanent signage is simply not an option, such as in real estate where the “store front” is actually someone’s home, and catching the attention of passers-by is even more crucial. I dare you to try driving past a house for sale with some brightly coloured “Open Home” flags on the front lawn, and not get a little curious!
It’s important to ensure that you are maximizing the benefits of your Promotional Teardrop Flags, by using them to promote sales and special offers instead of simply your store name. This process will help to draw in additional traffic to your store, while also bringing in “deal hunters” that perhaps may not have stopped in at all, had they not known you had a promotion on at that time!

wythes-teardrop There is absolute true value, in getting your business recognised both online and at the store front. So it’s best to always advertise in a variety of ways. But ultimately, you won’t ever make a sale if you can’t attract your potential client’s attention to your business, and get them get in the door!

Customer testimonials

  • quot Hi Peter! The Flags were a HUGE hit!!!!!!! Sorry for the last minute rush around – if I had of found you first it would not have been the problem – will know where to go first time next time :) Really appreciate the service and the quality – we will be back! Thanking you again, Kind Regards,
    Mickey Ink Marine Graphics, Edmonton, QLD quot_close
  • quot2 Hi Peter,I just wanted to write and say THANK YOU so much! I just received the banners and they look amazing. They got here so fast, my client is going to be stoked! It's been great doing business with you :)
    Virginia, St Peters, NSW quot-clos2
  • quot3 Hello Peter, Thanks so much for your ultra prompt service ... service that I don't see often these days :)
    Tracey, Lismore N.S.W. quot-close3
  • quot4 Hi Peter, Thanks for the pointers – we’ve demonstrated setting it up to everyone during the sales meeting this morning and received lots of positive feedback about the clean look and quality of the flags.
    Dewn, Perth W.A. quot-close4
  • quot5 Thank you Peter. I received the Flag today... unbelievable service. Thank you so much. Looks great too.
    Mitch, Runcorn QLD quot-close5