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Teardrop, Feather and Flat Top Vertical

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Teardrop flag

Teardrop Flags

Teardrop flags make an amazing outdoor display but they are also extremely stylish and can be used for indoor purposes as well. Teardrop flags work great with or without wind. On days that are calm, they have a very unique design that displays the messages and the teardrop flag spins with the wind to create a very amazing and unique eye catching display. Teardrop flags are among the most popular style of advertising display. If you want to be seen and get recognized at your event or store front, then teardrop flags are great marketing tool you should consider using. They are available in 3 different sizes starting with the small size being 2.20m, the medium size is 3.5m and large size is 4.6m. The various dimensions add more depth and movement to advertisement displays. Remember, another name for teardrop flags is teardrop banners.

Feather Flags

Feather flags on the other hand work amazingly well with the wind and without it. They have an incredibly unique design and they display messages whenever there is a breeze. The feather flag spins very well and they fly with the wind in order to create an amazing, effective, eye catching display. Feather flags are known as display flags for promotional events and they are also used for outdoor advertising. They are very popular in 2.5mm 3.5m and 4.6m flag sizes. Apart from helping real estate agents, Feather Banners are particularly good at adverting businesses with big yards ie, car yards, boat yards and caravan yards.

Vertical Flags

Vertical flags on the other hand are perfect for outdoor and indoor displays. These flags are good for use whether you use the wind or not. The unique vertical flag displays the message whenever there is a strong breeze. They spin and flap with the wind in order to create a good eye catching display that is very effective as well. Vertical flags are mostly used as outdoor displays and they are really eye catching. They work in many situations. They are also good for promotional flags and for special events. Vertical flags are therefore a very astound all-rounder.

How Can We Help!

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Customer testimonials

  • quot Hi Peter! The Flags were a HUGE hit!!!!!!! Sorry for the last minute rush around – if I had of found you first it would not have been the problem – will know where to go first time next time :) Really appreciate the service and the quality – we will be back! Thanking you again, Kind Regards,
    Mickey Ink Marine Graphics, Edmonton, QLD quot_close
  • quot2 Hi Peter,I just wanted to write and say THANK YOU so much! I just received the banners and they look amazing. They got here so fast, my client is going to be stoked! It's been great doing business with you :)
    Virginia, St Peters, NSW quot-clos2
  • quot3 Hello Peter, Thanks so much for your ultra prompt service ... service that I don't see often these days :)
    Tracey, Lismore N.S.W. quot-close3
  • quot4 Hi Peter, Thanks for the pointers – we’ve demonstrated setting it up to everyone during the sales meeting this morning and received lots of positive feedback about the clean look and quality of the flags.
    Dewn, Perth W.A. quot-close4
  • quot5 Thank you Peter. I received the Flag today... unbelievable service. Thank you so much. Looks great too.
    Mitch, Runcorn QLD quot-close5