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When and Where to use Product Stickers


When and Where to use Product Stickers to Help Market Your Business

Stickers are extremely versatile but they probably have a wider range of uses than you think. Here are some ways to use stickers and what types there are. Customised stickers reinforce branding as well as doing the obvious like marking an item “on-sale” etc. Let’s look at some creative ways stickers can help your business.

Stickers for Real Estate

Custom designed stickers are going to have the maximum impact while reinforcing your brand. In the real estate market alongside the most obvious for sale banners, it’s common to also have sold, under offer, under contract or leased stickers to place over the top at the right time as this lets everyone know how active you are in the market.

Instead of just using these words, why not have your business name, number and an image of your office or business owner on the stickers too so when used without a full banner they are still reinforcing your brand and transmitting vital information? They can be made in any style suitable for windows, walls, boardings or anywhere you choose.

Custom Stickers Will Work Best

Customising your sticker is probably much more affordable than you might think. Just buying generic stickers that carry less information will just blend into the background. In real estate, the value of your products and the level of service you offer is incredibly higher than retail shops for example. Having specific stickers for a specific use will obviously be far more effective. For example:

  • SOLD
  • Stickers for Any Type of Business

    Stickers are incredibly versatile as they can be any size, be stuck on or removed very easily from a variety of surfaces. They’re ideal not only for products themselves but for walls, windows, doors, signs and banners.

    Designing the Right Stickers - Some Tips

  • Use the right type of sticker - Stickers come in all shapes and sizes and finishes but sold or sale type stickers are usually temporary and need to be used fast so having the right type will make this easier. Think about the size and shape and what they are going to be used on.
  • Use eye-catching colours. Sale and sold are traditionally associated with red, but you can be creative with lettering and edging etc.
  • Include company pictures and branding (if it’s compatible with the colour scheme), or use an image if the sticker is large enough which won’t clash.
  • Include other campaigns. If you have other types of marketing going on then include these on your stickers if you can.
  • Consider where you are placing the sticker. This is as crucial for products as it is for banners or windows. On product packaging, it needs to be found easily.

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