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When and Where to use Pull Up Banners for Your Business


Pull Up Banners are lightweight, easy to store and transport, plus they are simple to set up quickly. Great for temporary marketing campaigns like trade shows, real estate auctions and pop up stores. You can even replace the graphics and keep the frame if you wish, making them very cost-effective, but where should they be used to have the most impact?

Where to Use Pull Up Banners

The most common uses are for indoors and at trade shows. They are a cost-effective way of getting across key marketing info, like company or product info at display booths. They’re also great for pop-up shops inside shopping centres, as they cover a lot of eye-catching space, with a simple setup and lightweight transport.

Company receptions and waiting areas also benefit from pull up banners to get your message across to captive audiences. For plain old brand reinforcement, they work well with just your logo at presentations and media events.

For the real estate market, they are great just inside the front door as well as any other indoor use, like the office reception and auctions etc. Retail stores can place them outside for timed promotions very easily to capture more foot traffic to the store.

The following is a brief list of ideas and uses for pull up banners:

  • Presentations
  • Point of sale
  • Retails storefronts
  • Corporate events
  • Pop up shops
  • Media backdrops
  • Receptions
  • Trade shows
  • Auto dealers
  • Flexible Reasons

    Like hanging banners, they are very cost-effective making them ideal for short term promotions, directions, corporate branding, product info, or any of your USPs. The variety of uses makes them even better as there’s almost nowhere they aren’t effective. They can be printed on both sides too for maximum view-ability.

    Easy to Set Up

    Pull up banners are the simplest of all to set up. In literally a few seconds they have unrolled, popped out their stand and you’re done. To break down they simply retract back into their base. Any of your staff can set them up at short notice, or transport them to any event just by carrying them if needed. Our range of pull up banners also comes with a handy zip-up carry-bag.

    Benefits of Pull up Banners

  • Cost-effective
  • Easily to set up
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store
  • Long-lasting
  • Re-usable
  • Eye-catching
  • Easily Customised

    We can print full colour so they can be used like photos meaning your existing marketing images from online or print can be utilised, so less design is needed. Plain text print is also very simple and we can match the colours to your company’s colours reinforcing your brand image.


    Pull up banners are easily the most cost-effective way to promote or market your business, they aren’t just for the real estate industry and can be used by any business in multiple ways, just get in touch for more details.

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